Adapting versatile
polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
and patient recovery

Technology Platform

Polyganics’ state-of-the-art proprietary technology platforms allow the creation of bioresorbable synthetic polymers which can be applied to a range of applications that help tissue regeneration and subsequently functional recovery of the treated patient.

The resulting bioresorbable polymers are:

  • Highly biocompatible
  • Degradable into non-toxic biologically safe compounds
  • Degraded compounds are resorbed, and removed via the body's natural systems

Our unique expertise in polymer chemistry, engineering and designs enables the development of medical products with specific features e.g. porous scaffolds, tubes, sheets, sleeves or foams with tailor-made properties.

By modifying physical properties and processing methods, pore size, porosity and interconnectivity, Polyganics is able to develop products specific for each clinical indication, with the desired mechanical and surface properties, and residence period.

Further applications will include the incorporation of active agents which enable effective drug delivery to the surgical area, for instance hemostatic (stopping bleeding) or inflammatory modulators, which will facilitate further wound healing and recovery of the treated patient.

Our polymer technology platform is protected by a broad intellectual property portfolio of patents. Our manufacturing facility produces medical devices which have FDA, CE, CFDA and other international registrations. We are fully certified to ISO 13485, a comprehensive standard of quality management systems, specifically for Medical Device Manufacturers.

Peripheral nerve repair


NEUROLAC® is the first synthetic, bioresorbable and transparent nerve guide used in humans.

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Resorbable surgical sheet


VIVOSORB® minimizes the uncontrolled healing, and formation of post-operative soft tissues adhesions.

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Management of symptomatic neuroma


NEUROCAP® is the first and only synthetic nerve capping device cleared for the management of symptomatic neuromas.

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