Adapting versatile
polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
and patient recovery


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VIVOSORB® is a flexible bioresorbable polymer film which is designed to separate opposing tissues throughout the critical healing process. It is very flexible facilitating the surgeon to optimally position the sheet during surgery.

VIVOSORB® is made of 100% synthetic bioresorbable material and can be used in a variety of soft tissue surgery applications. VIVOSORB® provides a barrier function enabling the tissue to regenerate without interconnective attachment.


VIVOSORB® Surgical Indications

VIVOSORB® is indicated for the use as a temporary protective sheet to separate opposing soft tissues, thereby minimizing tisue attachment.  

It separates opposing tissues and prevents the ingrowth of scar tissues and minimizes the formation or reformation of adhesions immediately adjacent to the barrier film.

VIVOSORB® aids in the reoperation procedures by promoting and maintaining the formation of a surgical dissection plane immediately adjacent to the barrier film.

To be used wherever temporary wound protection and support of soft tissue during healing is required. VIVOSORB® retains its mechanical properties up to 10 weeks providing support and protection to the healing tissue. As an inert material, the body accepts VIVOSORB® and processes it through the normal channels of bulk hydolysis leading to gradual reduction of molecular weight. The final degradation products are resorbed, metabolized and excreted by the body. This period of resorption may take approximately 16 months.


VIVOSORB® sheets have a standard thickness of 0.2 mm and are available in several sizes, ranging from 2 x 3 cm to 13 x 20 cm. Applications may range from:

  • Wrap around nerve graft.
  • Wrap compressed or injured nerves and tendons.
  • Minimize peritendinous adhesions.
  • Promote flexor tendon gliding.

VIVOSORB® Features

  • Minimizes soft tissue adhesions.
  • Supports soft tissue repair.
  • Separates opposing tissues.
  • Fully synthetic.
  • Transparency and high flexibility allow for easy and optimal manipulation during surgery.
  • Retention of mechanical strength for up to 10 weeks throughout the critical healing period.
  • Bioresorbable character allows for safe encapsulation, metabolic breakdown and natural excretion.
  • Different sheet sizes available.