Adapting versatile
polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
and patient recovery

PNR Products Portfolio


NEUROLAC® is the first synthetic, bioresorbable and transparent nerve guide used in humans.

NEUROLAC® is indicated for the reconstruction of a peripheral nerve discontinuity up to 20 mm in patients with a complete division of a peripheral nerve, typically in the hand/wrist.

The product is made available through a range of distributors worldwide. For more information contact our Sales Department.

Many peripheral nerve injuries can only be treated through reconstructive surgical procedures. Peripheral nerve repair is one of the most challenging tasks in neurosurgery, as functional recovery is rarely satisfactory in these patients.

When primary repair cannot be performed without undue tension, nerve grafting or tubulization techniques are required. Nerve autografting, for a long time the standard for bridging nerve gaps, has certain disadvantages that may lead to poor functional recovery.

More and more hand and neurosurgeons around the world are finding the distinct advantages of the use of synthetic and bioresorbable nerve conduits for optimal peripheral nerve regeneration to be of high value.


VIVOSORB® is a flexible bioresorbable polymer film which is designed to separate opposing tissues throughout the critical healing process post-surgery. Its flexible properties enables the surgeon to position the sheet optimally during surgery.

VIVOSORB® minimizes the uncontrolled healing, and formation of post-operative soft tissues adhesions, that can develop in response to trauma from surgery or inflammation. These adhesions are associated with many serious complications including loss of motion, obstruction and pain.

The product is made available through a range of distributors worldwide. For more information, please contact our Sales Department.


NEUROCAP® is the first and only synthetic nerve capping device cleared for the management of symptomatic neuromas. NEUROCAP® is intended to protect a peripheral nerve end and to separate the nerve from surrounding environment to reduce the development of a symptomatic end-neuroma. Current surgical approaches, such as removal of the neuroma and surrounding scar tissue, or placing the nerve stump into an area subjected to minimal mechanical stimulation, show highly variable results. NEUROCAP® offers the surgeon a valuable tool that contributes to the clinical management of neuromas and that improves the daily life and functioning of patients.