Adapting versatile
polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
and patient recovery


Polyganics range of bioresorbable products are made of versatile, synthetic polymers, which degrade safely in the body after having fulfilled their function to support healing.

The key property of these products is tissue support. They also provide a number of design related features like hemostatic action and impermeability to tissues. Additional advantages are ease-of-use as well as patient safety and comfort.

Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) products portfolio

We have successfully developed and commercialized an ENT portfolio which has been used in over 3.5 million surgical procedures. This portfolio was sold to Stryker in 2014 and as part of the agreement, Polyganics continues manufacturing these products for Stryker in the coming years.

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Peripheral nerve repair (PNR) and Neurosurgery products portfolio

In the PNR space, we have developed and commercialized NEUROCAP®NEUROLAC® and VIVOSORB®.

NEUROLAC® is employed for the reconstruction of peripheral nerve discontinuities and VIVOSORB® is used to minimize uncontrolled healing, and reduces the formation of post-operative soft tissues adhesions. NEUROCAP® is a nerve cap to minimize the formation of neuromas following trauma.

For Neurosurgery we develop a wound care dressing designed to seal the dura membrane in order to control post-operative cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage.

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General Surgery products portfolio

This is our third area for our product development, where the focus is on hemostats (control bleeding) and tissue sealants for solid organ and gastrointestinal surgery.

Additionally, we are also working on the development of biodegradable devices that enable topical, targeted and controlled release of one or multiple therapeutic agents, as well as 3D-scaffolds for use in tissue regeneration.

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