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polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
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Jan Disbergen


Jan Disbergen joined Polyganics in May 2013 and as COO leads the daily operations of Polyganics, with a strong focus on R&D, product development, and manufacturing. Mr. Disbergen has an excellent track record in progressing new product ideas from R&D, through development into commercial production. He has broad operational experience in high-tech companies.

Previously, in his first period at Philips Electronics, he was involved in the development and pilot production of DVD and Blue ray disc-systems. He then joined Toolex Alpha / ODME, where he was responsible for the production of automated mastering- and replication-equipment for the DVD and CDR industry. Mr. Disbergen then headed operations for advanced optical components, used in medical- and semi-conductor- applications, at Oerlikon in Liechtenstein. In a second period at Philips Electronics, he managed operations for the quartz & special glass products, used in high-end applications. As Lean Transformation Leader he implemented continuous improvements in the way that daily operations worked, which resulted in a growth in manufacturing capacity and a significant improvement in efficiency.

Mr. Disbergen obtained a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the State University of Groningen.

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