Adapting versatile
polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
and patient recovery

About Us

Dr Jan Öhrström

Dr Öhrström was responsible for the incorporation of ProFibrix Inc and ProFibrix BV, which included a full private fundraising and development through Phase III of a product/device combination (Fibrocaps/Raplixa) as well as securing product approval in US and EU. He has also held executive positions including Senior Vice President at ZymoGenetics, Seattle, WA, USA, and CEO at ProFibrix BV, The Netherlands, and is currently Chairman of the Board & President at Biomup SA, Lyon, France, and a board director at Blaze Bioscience inc, Seattle, WA, USA. Dr Öhrström began his career as a clinician and held a number of clinical positions at Novo Nordisk before moving into business orientated positions. Dr Öhrström is a Danish citizen and resident in the Netherlands.

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