Adapting versatile
polymers to improve
surgical outcomes
and patient recovery


Polyganics is a profitable, private company with supportive shareholders including the development and investment agency for the Northern Netherlands (NOM), and the University of Groningen.


In the global market, there are 150+ million surgical procedures that require medical devices. Polyganics focuses on those procedures where there is a clear need for devices that support tissue regeneration and functional recovery. Polyganics estimates that over 30% of these procedures may be potentially served with its bioresorbable polymer technologies.

Polyganics treatments versus standard care

Every day, thousands of patients undergo a surgical intervention in which implants are used to help repair injuries and/or removed diseased tissue, or to assist and support in wound healing and to recover function.

Polyganics offers the gold standard treatments for tissue repair and patient recovery in comparison to other products on the market. Its products maximize patient recovery, whilst simultaneously minimizing patient discomfort, additional intrusive procedures, cost to hospital / surgeon, and immunogenicity and infection risks from using animal-derived products and transplants.

Other standard treatments for tissue repair include the application of permanent implants made of steel, titanium or bio-durable plastics, implants made of animal-derived material, and the use of transplant tissue. Each of these carrying a range of disadvantages compared to Polyganics’ biodegradable products.